Countering China’s maritime grey-zone Activities


‘I think we have to consider strategies that are aimed at countering grey-zone activities as important to overall deterrence we should be aware that the more we allow China to break international norms and to get away with its salami slicing tactics, the greater the chance of conflict’.

In this episode of ‘The Saltwater Strategists,’ the focus is on countering Chinese maritime grey-zone activities in the Indo-Pacific.

ANI Councillor Jen Parker and her guest Lisa Curtis discuss the concept of the ‘Grey Zone’ and its manifestation in the region, highlighting specific instances of Chinese maritime aggression. They delve into United States’ perspective on addressing these activities and its Indo-Pacific strategy and what Australia is doing to counter maritime Grey Zone activity.

In this episode Jen and Lisa address the challenge of maintaining a balance between deterrence and the risk of escalation. The discussion emphasises the need for proportional measures and highlights the importance of collaboration with allies and like-minded nations.




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