You can join the Australian Naval Institute by paying to be a full member with lots of additional benefits such as discounts on functions; the annual Australian Naval Review; and full access to everything on the website. See below.


Full ANI membership is:
One year $75. Two years $140. Three years $205.
A concessional rate ($60, $105 and $155) applies for anyone who is fully retired or of the rank of Lieutenant or below.

Download the membership form here.

Contact the Secretariat for more details:
Commerce Management Services
PO Box 241, DEAKIN WEST ACT 2600
Phone number 02 6290 1505
Fax 02 6290 1580

Benefits of full membership:

Fully paid members get discounts at all ANI activities. These include:

o Maritime Events such as the 2016 briefing and tour of HMAS Canberra and the 2017 HMAS Albatross briefing on the Future of the Fleet Air Arm.

o Annual Dinner in Canberra where the Vernon Parker Oration is given by a distinguished figure in naval, strategic or national affairs. Previous speakers have included Mr Rick Smith, the Hon Kim Beazley AO, Dr Brendon Nelson, Chiefs of the RAN and foreign navies.

o Annual Goldrick seminar in Canberra toward end of the year. This series has a focus on providing a forum on a particular topic with a panel of experts to lead the discussion.

o Lectures on an opportunity basis by distinguished leaders and thought-leaders in naval and strategic affairs.

o Seminars on naval and maritime affairs, generally held in Sydney or other naval centres outside Canberra.

o A free copy of the Australian Naval Review – an annual peer reviewed Journal of international standing.

o Co-sponsor opportunities for conferences or seminars in conjunction with the Navy or other kindred maritime and strategic institutions.

 The ANI is an internationally recognized and professionally administered naval professional naval institution that has been in existence for 40 years.

 Its Patron is the Chief of Navy.

 The Subscriber base to its website is over 1400 individuals or organisations. New content is regularly notified to subscribers to encourage readership.

 Membership is around 250 individuals or organisations.

 The Institute’s objective is to provide a forum for discussion of naval and strategic matters. It is consciously forward looking but will encourage the discourse of naval and strategic history where it provides context for the future.

 As part of encouraging discussion the Institute is keen to bring people from the Navy, industry, academia and the broader interested community together to share perspectives and enrich thought and discussion. This is a major strength of the Institute.

 The Institute has regularly reinvigorated itself in the face of the changing naval and strategic landscape, members’ needs and technology. The ANI is one of the reinvigoration phases at present.

Future plans for the Institute include:
o Publication from 2016 of the Australian Naval Review – an annual peer reviewed Journal of international standing.

o Greater public engagement on naval affairs. This will take advantage of the recent change to the Institute’s Constitution whereby former RAN members hold Council positions and are therefore freer to comment. As part of this initiative a public engagement strategy is being developed.

o Reinvigoration of its partnership with industry sponsors.

o Institute a media award for excellence of reporting in naval affairs. The award will be presented at the Annual Dinner. The overall objective is to encourage improved reporting of the naval sphere.

o Development of a membership strategy to provide an enhanced value proposition for individual and corporate membership.

o Further enhancements to the ANI website.

o Greater outreach to the naval community beyond Canberra through seminars and the internet.

 These initiatives will ensure that the ANI is the pre-eminent Institute devoted to encouraging informed discussion of naval and related strategic issues in Australia.