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Members of the ANI get discounts on ANI events; the annual publication of Headmark; and the knowledge that they are contributing to important public debates on naval and maritime affairs. To join, click here.  admin@navalinstitute.com.au and ask for details. Joining the organisation is different from subscribing to the website content.


Trouble logging in?


1. rebooting computer.
2. if it is your computer at home, reboot your modem.
3. Delete your web browser history
4. Remove cookies.

Best to do each in sequence. There is no point in deleting cookies unless you have to. They store passwords and the like.

A reboot reassigns your IP address so the ANI server thinks it is a new person. If it thinks the same person is trying again and again, it shuts them out. It is a way of preventing spam. We are protecting our subscribers.

We have the login procedure so we can gather email addresses and do the email out. This means people do not have to check the site for new material and we can email info about ANI events to people who will be interested.

If you still have trouble:

Send an email to webmaster@navalinstitute.com.au