Australian Naval History Podcasts

The Australian Naval History podcast explores naval history in Australia. In each episode historians & veterans discuss a different aspect of Australian naval history. From accounts of particular battles, to little-known events in the RAN’s history, the Australian Naval History podcast is expert analysis & reflection on the storied past of Australia’s military at sea.

It is produced by the Naval Studies Group at University of New South Wales (Canberra), in conjunction with the Australian Naval Institute, the Submarine Institute of Australia, the Naval Historical Society & the Seapower Centre-Australia. The introductory music ‘Duke of York’ is used with the kind permission of the RAN Band.


Earlier Australian Naval History Podcast Seasons

There have been seven previous seasons of the Australian Naval History podcast series.

The topics and links to the podcasts from the first five seasons (with video) are available here. The full program for season 6 is available here.

All seven seasons of the Australian Naval History podcast series available at the Naval History Group site


The 100th episode features the Navy in 15 Objects.

The Royal Australian Navy in 15 Objects 



1 Telescope from Victorian sloop Victoria. (Australian War Memorial – AWM).
2 The bow of HMAS Parramatta (RAN Heritage Centre).
3 The ships bells from SMS Emden & HMAS Sydney. (AWM).
4 Turkish flag from HMAS AE-2 and an associable finial.(Seapower Centre Australia & AWM).
5 HMAS Australia breach and trigger. (AWM & Seapower Centre).
6 HMAS Castlemaine (Maritime Trust of Australia at Williamstown).
7  Carley Float from HMAS Sydney II (AWM).
8  Coastwatcher AWA Teleradio Radio (AWM).
9  Japanese flag from HMAS Bataan. (AWM).
10  Lieutenant Peter Goldrick’s Blood Chit from the Korean War. (AWM).
11  Two mines from the Vietnam War: A Birdcage Mine & BMP-2 Mine. (AWM)
12  HMAS Advance(Australian National Maritime Museum – ANMM).
13  RAN Ensign signed by Mr Jose Ramos Hota (Seapower Centre).
14  Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) 1791 (AWM).
15  Seahawk helicopter Tiger 75 (ANMM).