Submitting articles to this site


The Australian Naval Institute articles and comments on naval or maritime issues. Articles concerning naval strategy, operations, administration or policy are of particular interest but we will consider all articles.

Views and opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Institute, the Royal Australian Navy or the Australian Defence Organisation.

Guidelines for submitting articles

Articles and correspondence should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. A PDF can submitted as well as a layout guide to the web editor. Send articles to:

Graphics should be sent as .jpg files.

Time references should give the full date, for example, 23 June 2016. Avoid yesterday, next week, next month. Material stays on the website a long time.

Note: all Word formatting gets stripped out. Word is very useful for authors but difficult for web editors. To help the web editor follow these formatting instructions.

Separate your paragraphs by an extra paragraph mark. Word’s paragraph and line spacing are ignored on the website. Only an extra paragraph mark will insert a line space between the paragraphs on the website.

Word’s italic and bold revert to ordinary text. If you want italic do it like this: “. . . blah blah <em> HMAS Shipsname </em> blah blah blah”. HMAS Shipsname comes out in italic.

If you want bold, do it like this “. . . blah blah <strong> Kim Beazley: </strong> blah blah blah”. Then Kim Beazley: comes out in bold.


MS Word is wonderful for footnotes if you are printing the article from Word. But if you copy and paste the article into the website the superscript footnotes get stripped off and NOT replaced with with an ordinary number.

Authors should add a plain-text numeral in brackets next to the superscript footnote. It is IN ADDITION to the superscript. Do not attempt to remove the superscript footnote — that gets removed automatically when moved to the website, leaving just the plain text number in brackets.

Put the plain-text numeral next to the footnotes in both the text AND in the footnotes themselves.

Punctuation: Use one space only after commas, stops and colons.

Use numbers for 10 and above, words below.
Do not use hyphens for any rank except Sub-Lieutenant.

Supply your everyday title for use at the beginning of the title, so: Lieutenant Commander Bill Crabbe, or Jack Aubrey, or Reverend James Moodie. At the end of the article, please supply full honours – Lieutenant Commander Bill Crabbe, CSC, RAN – unless you would prefer not to use them.

Then please supply a paragraph on yourself, to a maximum of 50 words, including any qualifications you would like listed, and any interesting biographical aspects.

If possible please supply a colour or greyscale (300k minimum) head and shoulders jpg photo of yourself for use alongside the article biography.