2020 Goldrick Webinars : Remote and Autonomous Systems at Sea – Program


2020 ANI Goldrick Webinars

Remote and Autonomous Systems at Sea

7 October – 25 November 2020


The 2020 Goldrick Webinars are presented by the Australian Naval Institute in partnership with the Naval Studies Group at University of NSW (Canberra), the Royal Australian Navy and the Submarine Institute of Australia.




Webinar 1: – Keynote: 7 October 2020

Moderator: Vice Admiral Peter Jones, President ANI

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1330 Keynote Vice Admiral Michael Noonan

Chief of Navy

1330-45 Q&A Moderator


Webinar 2: Setting the Scene – 14 October 2020

Moderator: Commodore Allison Norris, Vice President ANI

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1325 Remote and Autonomous Systems (RAS) & Artificial IntelligenceToday & in the Future Professor Jason Scholz
Innovation Professor RMIT University
1325-1330 Q&A Moderator
1330-1355 822X Squadron: An Operational Overview CMDR Phil Woodward, RAN
CO 822x SQN
1355-1400 Q&A Moderator


Webinar 3: Future Capability and Integration – 21 October 2020

Moderator: Rear Admiral Lee Goddard

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1325 RAS Navy’s Future Capability Rear Admiral Peter Quinn
Head, Navy Capability
1325-1330 Q&A Moderator
1330-1355 Integrating and delivering hyper-networked, autonomous naval forces. Dr John Best
Chief Technical Officer, Thales Australia
1355-1400 Q&A Moderator


Webinar 4: RAS in the Air Domain – 28 October 2020

Moderator: Commodore Jack McCaffrie Naval Studies Group

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1325 Navy’s Air RAS Capabilities & Vision for the Fleet. CDRE Dave Mann
DG Surface Combatants and Aviation, Capability Division, Navy Strategic Command
1325-1330 Q&A Moderator
1330-1355 Air RAS Capabilities & Trends Ms Emily Hughes,
Director Phantom Works, Boeing Australia
1355-1400 Q&A Moderator


Webinar 5: RAS in the Littoral Domain – 4 November 2020

Moderator: Mr George McGuire CSC, QinetiQ

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1325 Naval RAS Capabilities in the Littoral CDRE John Stavridis, DG Littoral, CDRE  Darron Kavanagh, DG Combat Management & Payload Systems & CAPT Adam Allica, DG Warfare Innovation Navy
1325-1330 Q&A Moderator
1330-1355 RAS in the Littoral: An industry perspective Mr Arran Brown
Senior Project Manager – Maritime, Saab Australia
1355-1400 Q&A Moderator


Webinar 6: RAS in the Undersea Domain – 11 November 2020

Moderator: Commodore Mark Sander Submarine Institute of Australia

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1325 The RAS Vision for Undersea Combat and Surveillance
CDRE Tom Phillips
DG Submarines
1325-1330 Q&A Moderator

ASW Operations Utilising Autonomous Wave Gliders for Detection, Classification and Localisation

Darren Burrowes
Chief Technology Officer, Blue Zone Group
1355-1400 Q&A Moderator



Session 7: Legal & Ethical Aspects of RAS – 18 November 2020

Moderator: Professor Rob McLaughlin

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1350 Legal & Ethical Aspects of RAS CMDR Sarah Jane White,  Deputy Director, Directorate of Ops & International Law Defence Legal;
Associate Professor Douglas Guilfoyle, Professor Environmental Politics & International Relations at University of NSW Canberra; Associate Professor Kate Devitt, Chief Scientist Trusted Autonomous Systems at Defence Cooperative Research Centre & Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Queensland.
1350-1400 Q&A Moderator



Webinar 8: Evaluating and Sustaining RAS Capabilities – 25 November 2020

Moderator: Captain Guy Blackburn

Time Presentation Presenter
1300-1325 RAS – The Test & Evaluation Challenge to Assure Navy’s Capability Mathew Bradley
Campaign Lead- Ranges, Test & Evaluation, QinetiQ Australia
1325-1330 Q&A Moderator
1330-1355 Sustainment of RAS Systems Mr Neil Hodges, CEO, Blue Zone Group
1355-1400 Q&A Moderator




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