Virtual tour of the Garden Island tunnels


Zoom Presentation: Tuesday 20 th October 2020

This presentation by the Naval Historical Society will address the construction and circumstances which led to the construction of the unique Garden Island complex of tunnels and chambers. The tunnels provide evidence of the desperate days of World War II.

Just four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941, tunneling commenced to provide Air Raid Protection for the skilled workers on the Garden Island Naval Base. Designed initially to protect 1400 men standing up, it was expanded to accommodate 2500 men.

The subsequent surrender of Singapore, the bombing of Darwin, the attack on Sydney by Japanese midget submarines and ultimately the shelling of Sydney on 8th June 1942 created imperatives that drove the excavation of the five interconnected tunnels and multiple chambers.

Presenter Colin Randall is a semi-retired mining engineer with 50 years of experience in underground and open cut mining.

Since October 2018, as a volunteer researcher and archivist in The Naval Historical Society of Australia, he has researched the Garden Island tunnel complex. As a teenager he lived on Garden island and was well acquainted with the tunnels.

1000, Tuesday 20 October 2020 (Sydney time). Zoom link:


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