US Navy goes for greater integration


The US Navy is making integration of ships, planes, sensors and weapons a priority going forward and is in the requirements-writing stage of development an integrated combat system, two requirements officers were quoted by US Naval Institute News as saying.

Rear Adm. Gene Black, the director of surface warfare on the chief of naval operations’ staff (OPNAV N96), said at the American Society of Naval Engineers’ annual Combat Systems Symposium that today’s ability to pass information from sensors to operators at sea to fleet commanders ashore is not happening “at the speed of warfare.”

Black noted that Commander of Naval Air Forces Vice Adm. De Wolfe Miller told him and other aviation flag officers during his last tour – as the commander of the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group – that the weapon they fight with is the system of systems throughout the Navy.

“It’s every ship, it’s every radar, it’s every airplane, it’s every weapon. And if we don’t optimize every one of them, the margin of victory is so slim right now we risk defeat. That’s how I approached strike group command, and that’s how I am approaching push I’m making on my team to develop the requirements for an integrated combat system,” he said.
“We have to have the ability for that operator, when he looks at that track, to have confidence – whether it’s coming from an unmanned vehicle 200 miles away – that it’s the same thing they’re seeing on a cruiser, the same thing they’re seeing in TSCC (Top Secret Control Channels), the same thing that’s displayed in the Maritime Ops Center.”


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