The ANI 2018 Annual General Meeting


The ANI 2018 Annual General Meeting was held at the Australian Defence Academy on 19 November. Preceding the event the Vice Chief of Defence Force, Vice Admiral David Johnstone gave an illuminating presentation on the significant issues with which the Defence senior leadership are dealing. He then took questions from the members.

At the AGM the President, Vice Admiral Peter Jones (retired) gave his report which can be read here.. The Treasurer, Commander Nick Tate, presented the financial statement. The finances are healthy with the Profit & Loss Statement at the end of this article.

An election for the new Council was undertaken. Four Councillors retired and were thanked for their contribution. Commodore Lee Goddard retired as Vice President but remained on the Council. The new Council is as follows:

President: Vice Admiral Peter Jones (retired)
Vice President: Commodore Alison Norris
Secretary: Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Foulkes
Treasurer: Commander Nick Tate
Councillors: Mr Steve Bell
Lieutenant Andrew Collingwood
Mr Greg Gilbert
Commander Geoff McGinley
Commodore Lee Goddard
Commander Richard Hobbs
Commodore Justin Jones
Mr Brian Mansell
Lieutenant John Nash
Midshipman Ben Page
Captain Tom Phillips
Brigadier Will Taylor (retired)
Lieutenant Commander Desmond Woods
Public Officer Mrs Sue Hart

Also joining the Council in December will be Midshipmen Kayla De Witt and Mitchell Rowe.

The meeting concluded with a presentation by Will Taylor on the early work of the Council in developing the next iteration of the ANI Strategy. This will be further discussed at the first meeting of the new Council which will be held in December. More information provided to members in due course.


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