Supply crew set for service


The crew of NUSHIP Supply has donned ship’s caps and badges for the first time as they gathered to hear their Commanding Officer’s vision for the ship and its tasks ahead, Navy Daily reports.

Supply is the lead ship of two Supply Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ships being built for the Royal Australian Navy, and will enter service later this year.

Captain Ben Hissink said it was a privilege to form the Navy’s newest ship’s company.

“It is truly inspirational to be surrounded by such a motivated team who share the same passion to commission a new capability,” Captain Hissink said.

“My vision for NUSHIP Supply is for every member of the ship’s company to wake up each morning inspired, to work in a trusted team and go home fulfilled at the end of each day.

“This will truly enable Supply to provide combat support via underway replenishment/transfer to Naval units operating away from shore infrastructure, so that together we can Fight and Win at Sea,” Captain Hissink said.

As Supply hats and patches were distributed, the ship’s company shared their enthusiasm over the unique experience of commissioning a ship into the Royal Australian Navy.

Able Seaman Boatswain’s Mate Dominique Nardone said Supply would be her second sea posting.

“After a long and anticipated wait, it was fantastic to finally meet the crew I will be working with.

“I’m looking forward to the commissioning of NUSHIP Supply.

“It’s going to be such a unique experience, especially after being part of the Decommissioning Crew of HMAS Success,” Able Seaman Nardone said.

As the youngest member of the ship’s company, Seaman Boatswain’s Mate Cassie Crowe was the first member to be awarded her cap and patch, and also presented Captain Hissink with his.

“This was an extraordinary opportunity and is just the prelude to an exciting future,” Seaman Crowe said.

“I’m elated to share such an experience with a tremendous crew, and I look forward to the foundation of knowledge, memories and friendships to come.”

Leading Seaman Marine Technician Grant Watson said the gathering “felt like the beginning of a legacy.”

“The day was a historic look at where we came from, through to where we are heading and it seemed a fitting welcome for what is a new capability and direction for the Navy,” Leading Seaman Watson said.

Over the coming months, the ship’s company will undertake extensive training to prepare for Supply’s arrival in Australia.

The new ship will carry fuel, dry cargo, water, food, ammunition, equipment and spare parts to provide operational support for the deployed forces operating away from their home ports for long periods.


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