Scuttled: web presentation on HMAS Australia I


On a beautiful sunny day in October 1913 the flagship of our new navy, HMAS Australia, a dreadnought battlecruiser and the most powerful warship in the southern hemisphere led the fleet into Sydney Harbour for the first time.

You are invited to a naval Historical Society’s web presentation on Australia I on Tuesday 15th September at 1000.

Crowds lined the shores, children were given the day off school and songs and poems were written about the nation’s coming of age.

In April 1924 just over ten years later this unlucky and unhappy ship was towed through Sydney Heads and to a nation’s sorrow and anger, scuttled and sunk. 

How and why could this happen? 

This presentation will answer those questions and more. It will detail the story of a beautiful ship that was the pride of a nation, the men who sailed in her and the reasons why she has become the forgotten flagship.


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