Reflections on Anzac Day 2021

This year the Royal Australian Air Force, in its centenary year, has been given prominence at the nation’s Anzac Day services. It is provides at opportunity to reflect on the deeds and sacrifice of those who have served in the RAN and the RAAF as well as the co-operation between the two services have had over those 100 years, ANI President Vice Admiral (ret) Peter Jones writes.

This co-operation has included  spawning some of the RAAFs leaders who originally joined the RAN, before the lure of the air became greater than the sea. They include Joseph Hewitt, ‘Jimmy’ Goble and latterly Mark Binskin. While at times there has been rivalry between the two services, when they have worked together closely the operational outcomes have been significant and of great benefit to the nation.  This is particularly in combined efforts in World War II and in the Cold War in the field of anti-submarine warfare. That cooperation has only grown in the 21st Century. That legacy and bond bodes well for the Australian Defence Force into the future.


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