HMAS Melbourne II Trilogy podcast

HMAS MELBOURNE II I/C HMA Ships VENDETTA and VOYAGER. RAN Gannet aircraft are seen operating from MELB.

The Australian Naval Institute proudly partners with the University of NSW (Canberra), the Seapower Centre, the Naval Historical Society and the Submarine Institute in producing the acclaimed Australian Naval History podcast series.

Just released over three weeks have been three episodes which discuss the collisions between the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne and the destroyers HMAS Voyager and then USS Frank E Evans. There are two episodes about the Voyager collision which covers both the maritime aspects and the two Royal Commissions.

The episodes have a panel of experts who bring an unrivalled first hand knowledge of this facinating chapter in Australian naval history. They available on Youtube at and the Naval Studies Group website as well as most podcast apps.

The expert panel includes Lieutenant Commander Doug Moore GM, who survived the collision in Voyager, Professor Tom Frame, Her Honour Judge Sylvia Emmett, Commodore Brian Robertson and Vice Admiral Peter Jones.

The episode on the Frank E Evans collision has as its panel Captain Errol Stevens who served in Melbourne at the time of the accident, Louise Esola who wrote the award winning book American Boys about the Frank E Evans, Rear Admiral Simon Cullen and legal expert Commander Matthew Vesper. 


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