2020 Goldrick Seminar – Remote and Autonomous Systems at Sea

The 2020 ANI Goldrick Seminar is being presented as a series of weekly webinars from 7 October – 25 November 2020. The topic for the 2020 ANI Goldrick seminar is Remote and Autonomous Systems at Sea.

This seminar is also supported by the University of New South Wales, Canberra and the Submarine Institute of Australia.

The Detailed Program is here    

The Australian Navy RAS-AI Strategy 2040 released 6 October 2020 is here

 Videos of the Presentations

These videos have been prepared from the Zoom Webinar recordings. The webinar topics will be linked as the videos become available.

Keynote Address                Setting the Scene             Future Capability & Integration

RAS in the Air Domain      RAS in the Littoral Domain      RAS in the Undersea Domain

Legal and Ethical Aspects of RAS       Evaluating and Sustaining RAS Capabilities

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