Coming launch of Australian Naval History Video and Podcast Series

On 3 October 2017 the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett, will launch the Australian Naval History video and podcast series at the Seapower Conference in Sydney. This series is produced by the Naval Studies Group at University of NSW Canberra in partnership with the Australian Naval Institute, the Naval Historical Society, the RAN Seapower Centre and the Submarine Institute of Australia.

In each 50-minute episode an expert panel explores a different incident, battle or event in Australian Naval history. The panels vary in composition and include Australia’s best-selling naval historian Mike Carlton, world famous ship wreck hunter David Mearns, Professor Tom Frame, Dr Kathryn Spurling and the members of the Naval Studies Group – Rear Admiral James Goldrick, Vice Admiral Peter Jones, Commodore Jack McCaffrie and Dr David Stevens.

The video version includes photographs and maps to further illuminate the topic. Series One includes episodes ranging from the Oberon class submarines in RAN Service, the Battle of the Coral Sea, the formation of the Women’s Royal Australian Naval Service, the HMAS Australia Court Martial, the RAN in World War I and HMAS Sydney in the Mediterranean during World War II and her subsequent loss.

After the 3 October launch, a new episode of Australian Naval History will be released simultaneously on YouTube and iTunes each week. Viewers and listeners will be able to subscribe to automatically receive their next episode.

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