China-Iran-Russia conduct Security Belt-2024


On 18 March the Chinese Ministry of Defence reported that the joint maritime exercise Security Belt-2024 involving China, Iran and Russia concluded as the participating ships from China and Russia departed from the Iranian port of Chabahar on 15 March.

The joint exercise, under the theme of “Working Together to Create Security and Peace”, centered on the topics of anti-piracy and search and rescue, and included such training contents as firing at sea targets, armed rescue of hijacked merchant vessels and other subjects. Through the exercise, the navies of the three countries have further strengthened cooperation and exchanges and deepened mutual trust and understanding.

On 14 March a summary meeting was held by the Iranian side. In his concluding remarks, the Iranian tactical commander said, “The ‘Security Belt’ joint exercises have become the symbol of cooperation among the navies of Iran, China and Russia. I’m looking forward to the next joint effort by the three navies.”

During the docking of the ships, sailors of the three navies also participated in cultural and sports exchange activities such as sailors’ beach races, friendly football matches and cross-deck visits to promote mutual understanding and friendship.

Source: PLA


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