Center for International Maritime Security


A partner organisation of the ANI that Institute members should be aware of is the Washington DC centred Center for International Maritime Security, or CIMSEC.

CIMSEC’s not a conventional think tank and it doesn’t have significant institutional support. It also doesn’t have an office or a headquarters. It’s not pushing any particular policy or political view – other than that maritime things matter!

CIMSEC’s existence is virtual and it relies on the enthusiasm and effort of many volunteers. It currently has chapters in 26 countries and in its eight years of existence has gathered more than 2,000 members.

The leadership and the core teams who produce CIMSEC’s products are young by any standards. This is probably one of CIMSEC’s greatest strengths as it strives to keep up with a fast changing maritime and naval scene. Amongst CIMSEC’s efforts is ‘Project Trident: The Future of International Maritime Security’. Notably, amongst the activities of the project is a fiction contest.

CIMSEC’s podcasts are highly recommended. They are issued frequently and always involve lively and interesting discussions. The long running ‘Sea Control’ series ranges over many different topics, the latest (No. 210) being ‘The Space Force and the Coast Guard’, which was preceded by ‘Learning War’ which focused on the US Navy’s doctrinal development in the mid-20thcentury and Trent Hone’s new book on the subject. More focused on naval enthusiasts is the ‘Bilge Pumps’ series, which has just been looking at ‘Air Defense at Sea’.

Just go to CIMSEC’s podcast site at:

You’ll find it worth the effort.


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