Book Reviews

Rome: trade outweighs military conquest

Roman Empire and the Indian Ocean scan (873x1280)The Roman Empire and the Indian Ocean: The Ancient World Economy & the Kingdoms of Africa, Arabia & India. By Raoul McLaughlin. Published by Pen & Sword, Barnsley, 2014. Reviewed by Dr Gregory P Gilbert

An airman’s war with the US Navy

Billy Mitchells war with the Navy cover(2)Billy Mitchells war with the Navy cover(2)Billy Mitchell’s War with the Navy: The Interwar Rivalry Over Air Power. By Thomas Wildenberg. Reviewed by Dr Gregory P Gilbert.

Gunboat command — initiative and courage

Gunboat Command 2015Gunboat command. Great story of initiative and courage.

Fire on the Water: China, America and the Future of the Pacific

1-Haddick-9780870210532_300dpiWhat should the US and its allies do about the rise of China, Robert Haddick asks in his new book.

ADM Rickover’s leadership principles

Against the Tide cover scanAgainst the Tide: Rickover’s Leadership Principles and the Rise of the Nuclear Navy. By Rear Admiral Dave Oliver, USN (Ret.). Published by the Naval Institute Press, Annapolis MD, 2014. Reviewed by Dr Gregory P. Gilbert

A shipyard at war 1914-1918

1-A Shipyard at WarA Shipyard at War - Unseen Photographs from John Brown's, Clydebank 1914-1918. By Ian Johnston. ISBN 978-1-84832-216-5. Seaforth Publishing. 192 pages with appendices containing the Yard's diary and ships built between 1914 and 1919. 178 black and white photographs. Price £30 in the UK, approx. A$76. Reviewed by David Hobbs

Menacing peace with assassination

Handful of Bullets coverA Handful of Bullets - How the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand still menaces the peace By Harlan K. Ullman. Naval Institute Press. Reviewed by Tim Coyle

Onboard HMAS Australia — a boy’s recollections

Onboard HMAS Australia 1914-1918 - A boy’s recollections of life on the lower deck of the battlecruiser. By William Warner. Five Senses Education Pty...

Part of the war of ideas on the Great War

Friedman - Fighting the Great War at Sea 2014Norman Friedman's Fighting the Great War at sea is a book about ideas and puts the naval action into a context beyond the maritime, Dr Gregory P Gilbert writes.

British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII

18.09.1350 Years of research goes into detailing the use of camouflage in ships in Wold War II, reviewer Tim Coyle writes.