Canadian nautical research virtual conference


The Canadian Nautical Research Society’s virtual annual conference is on 10-11 June.

Participation is free for Members of the CNRS. To receive a link for the virtual conference, please send an email to <> with “Conference registration” in the subject line.

Further conference information at

To join the CNRS, please visit Reduced rates are available for students and early career researchers.



“The American Periodical Press: the Waterways of the Chilkoot Pass, the Dyea Inlet, and Canada’s Transnational Pacific Gateway”
Caroline C. Evans Abbott


“Work, Life and Settlement on the Fraser: Kanaka Maoli Mobilities to British Columbia in the Nineteenth Century”
Naomi Calnitsky


“Reluctant Allies, Distant Enemies, Willing Partners: Evolving Naval Relations between Canada and Japan through Peace, War, and Uncertainty across the Pacific.”
Hugues Canuel


“Pacific Perspective: why Canada had a special place in the maritime defence of the British Empire.”
Tim Döbler


“Development of the Pacific Gateway 1871-1940 in the era of Steam Globalization”

Jan Drent


“All but Forgotten: Early Measures for Maritime Safety on Canada’s West Coast”
Clay Evans


“The Pacific Impulse in Canadian Naval History”
Richard Gimblett

“Canada’s Pacific Gateway … to the Arctic”
Nigel Greenwood


“Strategy over Honour: The Pacific Naval Theatre and the Battle of Valparaiso in the War of 1812”
Nicholas James Kaizer


“The Invisible Strength and Heart Behind the Uniform: Experiences of Canadian Navy Officer’s Wives since World War II Through Oral Histories”
Jordan Kerr


“Royal Navy’s Cole Island Ordnance Yard in Esquimalt Harbour from 1860-1910: a virtual tour”
Richard Linzey

“Tactics and Experiential Learning on the Pacific Station:  Captain Henry John May, C.B., R.N. in Esquimalt 1892-96”
Chris Madsen


“Why Canada Must Embrace a Free and Open Indo-Pacific”
Dr Jonathan Berkshire Miller and Stephen Nagy


“A dry dock to link land and water: the case of Prince Rupert, 1912-1951”
Michael Moir


“Discovering Nothing: Captain Cook and the Evolution of the Pacific Portal to the Northwest Passage”
David L. Nicandri


“Canada and its Asia Pacific Trade Gateway”
Hugh Stephens


“The Role of Canadian Pacific Coastal and Ocean Steamship Services in Developing the Gateway”: An illustrated talk
Robert Turner.


“Foot of Carrall: The Pacific Maritime Gateway of Gastown”
Trevor Williams


“The Royal Canadian Navy and the Asia-Pacific Region in the Early Cold War, 1945 to 1965”
David Zimmerman



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