ANI Webinar – War in the Pacific 1914


Date: Wednesday 22 July 2020

Time: 12.30

Webinar via Zoom

As the First World War was declared, the German East Asia Fleet, under the command of Vice Admiral Von Spee, crossed the Pacific in an attempt to return to Germany.
With the exception of the light cruiser Emden which remained to conduct “cruiser warfare”, the German fleet shelled Papeete then sailed on to Chile inflicting the first naval defeat for the Royal Navy since the Napoleonic wars at the Battle of Coronel. Ordered to return to Germany the fleet was lost in the Battle of the Falklands.

Presenter: LCDR Desmond Woods, RAN

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Lieutenant Commander Desmond Woods joined the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1974, subsequently serving in the Royal navy, the British Army and the RAN as an Education Officer, teaching naval and military history to junior officers. From 2003-2010 he ran the Strategic Studies Course and Naval History induction at the RAN College before joining the staff of the Australian Command and Staff College. He was the Military Support Officer to the Defence Community Organisation in Canberra, worked on the Ran’s International Fleet Review in 2013, was the Staff Officer Centenary of Anzac (Navy) and Chief of Navy’s Research Officer. He is current the navy’s Bereavement Liaison Officer. LCDR Woods is a councillor of the ANI and is a regular contributor of naval articles and book reviews to Australian and international naval historical journals.



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