2018 Goldrick Seminar – a great success


More than 230 people attended the 2018 Goldrick Seminar at the Australian Defence Academy on 17 September. A distinguished array of speakers including the Commander Australian Fleet, Rear Admiral Mead, addressed the audience on the Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise.

This was the first Goldrick Seminar in which the Navy selected the issue and that syndicates were formed to provide the Navy with input to enhance Defence’s efforts in the shipbuilding enterprise. All presentations will be shortly released on Youtube. Details will be provided next week.

At the end of the Goldrick Seminar the ANI President, Vice Admiral Peter Jones launched the 2018 edition of the Australian Naval Review. This is now in the course of distribution to ANI Members.

Mr Nigel Stewart CEO of BAE (Australia) briefing the Type 26, the RAN’s Future Frigate, the Hunter Class.


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