New naval history podcast series


The first episode of Season 5 of the Australian Naval History podcast series will be released on 10 August. A new episode will come out each week. Each episode tells of a different event in the RAN’s rich history. It brings together naval historians, serving and former officers and sailors to both give account and analyse the topic in a conversational style.

The Australian Naval Institute partners with the Naval Studies Group at the University of New South Wales (Canberra), the Royal Australian Navy Seapower Centre, the Naval Historical Society and the Submarine Institute of Australia to produce the Australian Naval History podcast series. To date there have been 53 episodes in Seasons 1-4 and over 100 expert panelists have taken part. In 2019 the series was rated #5 of all maritime podcasts in a global ranking with over 100,000 downloads.

In Season 5 there are 20 episodes including episodes on:

  • The RAN and the Spanish Flu pandemic,

  • The Battles of Java Sea and Sunda Strait,

  • Two episodes on the RAN Hydrographic Service, which celebrates its centenary this year,

  • Four episodes on the RAN in the Gulf,

  • the Scrap Iron Flotilla, and
  • The remarkable story of the rescue of two sailors from the Winston Churchill in the 1998 Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race where we hear from one of them as well as the helicopter crew.

    The full schedule of podcast can be seen here.
    The episodes can be accessed via most podcast apps or at


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