What is Headmark?

HEADMARK was the printed journal of the Australian Naval Institute for 40 years since August 1975.

Until this year it has been published as a magazine. A year ago ANI revamped this website. All of the back printed copies of Headmark have been scanned and put on this site as both PDF and search able text. ANI also began publishing all articles that would otherwise have been published in Headmark on this website. In addition, the website carries other articles, some republished from other sites; book reviews and a links page.

ANI is carrying on the Headmark tradition. All original substantial articles published on this website now comprise Headmark. The current year’s articles will be clickable in the drop-down menu. Previous years’ articles will be archived under that year.

Some articles which used to be printed in the Headmark magazine, particularly reviews and shorter articles will be posted on the website under the menu items REVIEWS or ARTICLES.