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Explaining Boeing’s 737 MAX agony

World Naval Developments April 2019. By Norman Friedman* Boeing’s agony over the latest version...

Arcadia and the Pacific taxi test

By Graeme Dobell* Executive Summary: Australia is doing a policy pivot to the South Pacific. The headline driving the...

Zombie ships will not rejoin US Navy

By Kyle Mizokami The U.S. Navy won’t bring back decommissioned ships as a way to...

HMAS Adelaide embarks mechanised combat team for the first time

 LCDR Ben Robinson (author), ABIS Ryan McKenzie (photographer) HMAS Adelaide has for the first time embarked...

Missiles: the measure of a fleet

By Keith “Powder” Patton, CDR, USN* Calculating the power of a fleet is a...

Buying the Type 26 Frigate might make sense for US

By Norman Friedman* The BAE Type 26 frigate appears to be the most popular...

Philippines protests over South China Sea ‘encroachment’

The Philippine defence minister has protested against Chinese “encroachment” on the country’s maritime rights after the appearance of a large fleet of...

Australia’s infrastructure diplomacy opportunities

By Dr Jeffrey Wilson* Australia’s Indo-Pacific infrastructure investment has seemed to be caught in a dilemma of choosing between...

China’s Arctic policy and Canada’s security

By Sherman Xiaogang Lai* The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is not an Arctic...

How can Australia take the intellectual edge

An Australian Intellectual Edge for Conflict and Competition in the 21st Century  Major General Mick Ryan*