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Commodore Ian Arthur Callaway OAM, RAN (Rtd.)

Ian Callaway photoIAN Arthur Callaway was born in Sydney on 21 May May 1937, the son of Lieutenant Commander Arthur Henry Callaway DSO RANVR and Thelma May Callaway [nee Rowe]. He was educated at Sydney High School before being selected for the Royal Australian Navy’s 1953 Intermediate entry.

Ocean encounter helps prepare for exercise

collinsTHE Royal Australian Navy’s Collins-class submarine HMAS Sheean has taken advantage of a mid-ocean encounter by getting in some anti-submarine warfare practice on its way to Singapore for a major exercise.

100 years of submarines, past and future — seminar and reception

HEAR Commodore Peter Scott, CSC, RAN, Director General Submarine Capability, speak on "The significance of submarine capability for Australia – looking back a hundred...

Hopeless western naivety over Ukraine

putinBy Norman Friedman*, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems IN MARCH, Russian President Vladimir Putin seized the Crimea from Ukraine, and in the process may have ignited a smaller-scale version of the Cold War. Putin had famously said that the collapse and dissolution of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the Twentieth Century, the implication being that he would make his place in history by reversing it.

Dealing with ‘a more dangerous place’

Sea King helicopter being refuelled in flightVernon Parker Oration with Commander David Hobbs, MBE, RN (Rtd): "The world is actually a more dangerous place today than it was 50 years ago and aviation, within a maritime strategy, will have a vital part to play in many operations that cannot, yet, be predicted. "

Navy Fleet Review and future intentions

TILL GEOFFBy Geoffrey Till* The Australian Fleet Review held in October 2013 was certainly a spectacular example of the type. It commemorated the arrival, exactly one hundred years earlier, of the so-called British-built (but in large measure Australian paid-for) ‘Fleet unit’ which more or less started the Royal Australian Navy.

The vast scale of the Snowden case

Edward-SnowdenBy Norman Friedman, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems The intelligence disaster wrought by Edward Snowden (pictured) carries important lessons about the character of the digital world we now inhabit. Intelligence agencies, and indeed anyone who relies on information security, is far more vulnerable than in the past.

Melbourne-Voyager: causes and inquiries

By Commodore David Ferry AM RAN (Rtd)* WITH discussion likely at commemoration of this accident I review theories as to its cause - including one...

RADM David Holthouse

Dad White UniformInstead of an obituary for RADM David Holthouse, who died earlier this year, the Naval Historical Society reprinted in a recent edition an article he wrote some years ago which is an excellent memoir of his naval career, and is produced below.

Eternal Patrol – Commodore Bryan Cleary, RAN (Rtd)

By Captain Chris Churcher CSM, RAN REGRETTABLY I advise of the passing of Commodore Bryan Cleary, RAN (Rtd), who died of a heart attack on Sat 7 Dec 2013. Commodore Cleary joined the Navy as a recruit in 1942 through HMAS Cerberus, but was quickly identified as an officer candidate and by Nov 1942 was a Midshipman in the RANVR.