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Launch of the War at Sea WW1 Travelling Exhibition

IN THE 8th century BCE the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah eventually fell to the might of the invading Assyrian army. The prophet Isaiah...

Invidious choices – the German East Asia Squadron and the RAN in the...

SMS Emden beachedON THE the morning of 4 November 1914 news reached the Admiralty of the disaster that had overtaken Rear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock at Coronel on the evening of 1 November. DESMOND WOODS takes up the story of what happened and what might have been.

World naval developments — August 2014

NormanFriedman2THE U.K. turns out two aircraft carriers at a time of intense inter-service rivalry. NORMAN FRIEDMAN looks at the month's world naval developments.

Chinese Navy still lagging in some areas

THE Chinese Navy has done a lot of modernisation in the past 20 years, but it still lags in some areas, according to Feng from Information Dissemination.

ICSOT Indonesia: Developments in Ship Design & Construction

The next conference is planned to be held at Hasanuddin University Makassar 4-5 November 2014, by cooperating with the Naval Architecture Department, Engineering Faculty,...

7th Fleet maintenance and overseas sustainment summit

More than 20 participants, both military and civilian, attended 7th Fleet Maintenance and Overseas Sustainment Summit hosted on board the submarine tender USS Frank...

MH17’s impact greater than Russian invasions

BUK-M1 SA-11 Gadfly missilePUTIN, who is affected by public opinion to only a limited extent, can be forgiven for not realizing that Western governments are in a very different position. The images of all those dead innocents exert enormous power in the West. NORMAN FRIEDMAN analyses the shooting down of MH17.

A grand strategic framework for Australia – a maritime nation

090606-N-4774B-140IN THE more than a century since Australia was created by federation of six colonial and other territories, there has never been a coherent grand strategic framework for Australia’s national security and defence policy and the development of force posture and structure, CHRISTOPHER SKINNER writes.

The gift that has kept on giving – BRP Quezon

BRP Manuel L. Quezon (70), August 2009, off Indonesia Pictures and text by MICHAEL NITZ - Naval Press Service BRP Quezon is one of the oldest ships worldwide in active navy service. The corvette originally commissioned for the US Navy in February 1944 and was later transferred to the Philippine Navy in 1967. Built by Associated Shipbuilders in Seattle, she has seen a wide variety of fit-outs and duties.

Japan’s rising security challenges

The Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force ship JS Makinami (DD 112) JAPAN'S decision to reinterpret its pacific constitution to allow the right to collective defence has angered China. It is crafting a more active role in security and defence in response to rising instability in Northeast Asia. BARRY DESKER and BHUBHINDAR SINGH comment.