Hopeless western naivety over Ukraine

putinBy Norman Friedman*, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems

IN MARCH, Russian President Vladimir Putin seized the Crimea from Ukraine, and in the process may have ignited a smaller-scale version of the Cold War. Putin had famously said that the collapse and dissolution of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the Twentieth Century, the implication being that he would make his place in history by reversing it.Continue reading

Navy Fleet Review and future intentions

TILL GEOFFBy Geoffrey Till*
The Australian Fleet Review held in October 2013 was certainly a spectacular example of the type. It commemorated the arrival, exactly one hundred years earlier, of the so-called British-built (but in large measure Australian paid-for) ‘Fleet unit’ which more or less started the Royal Australian Navy.Continue reading

The vast scale of the Snowden case

Edward-SnowdenBy Norman Friedman*, Author, The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapon Systems

The intelligence disaster wrought by Edward Snowden (pictured) carries important lessons about the character of the digital world we now inhabit. Intelligence agencies, and indeed anyone who relies on information security, is far more vulnerable than in the past.Continue reading

Melbourne-Voyager: causes and inquiries

    By Commodore David Ferry AM RAN (Rtd)*

WITH discussion likely at commemoration of this accident I review theories as to its cause – including one I advanced in this journal in 2004 – and incorporate opinions I have encountered since. The review extends earlier assessment of the investigations and adds related experience from the Melbourne/Evans collision.Continue reading

Centenary of ANZAC (Navy)

HMAS SYDNEY escorting First AIF Convoy from Albany Nov 1914

HMAS SYDNEY escorting First AIF Convoy from Albany Nov 1914

By Lieutenant Commander  Desmond Woods, RAN, Staff Officer Centenary of Anzac (Navy)

THE last half of 1914 and the first half of 2015 were very busy months for the young RAN and the same period a century on will be filled  with Centenary of Anzac (Navy) commemorative activities. These events will remind Australians of those key naval and maritime events in which the RAN took part both in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and in the Dardanelles.Continue reading

Admiral Sir John ‘Sandy’ Woodward RN

Admiral Woodward makes an address in retirement (Courtesy Salon magazine)
By Captain Peter Hore*
ADMIRAL Sir John ‘Sandy’ Woodward, who has died aged 81, commanded the carrier battle group, Task Force 317.8, during the Falklands War in 1982. In March 1982 Woodward was a rear admiral and as Flag Officer, First Flotilla commanded a group of ships on their spring exercise off Gibraltar.   On March 29, as the news from the South Atlantic worsened, Woodward joined the Commander in Chief Fleet, John Fieldhouse in his temporary flagship, the destroyer Glamorgan. That evening, with Captain Mike Barrow, the captain of Glamorgan, they discussed ‘what if’ the Falkland Islands were to be invaded and they were asked to re-take them. Continue reading