Thoughts on the LHD and a fixed wing capability

F-35B on descent (Lockheed Martin photo) By Commander David Hobbs, MBE, RN (Rtd)*
TO THE the logical mind, the most surprising element of the 2007 decision to build two Canberra class LHDs was the acceptance by the Australian Government of advice from a lobby group that fighter aircraft based in Australia, with their limited radius of action and fixed supply chains, could provide support for these ships and their ‘all-arms’ battle groups wherever they might be deployed. Continue reading

Rise of Indian naval power

VikrantWORLD NAVAL DEVELOPMENTS by Norman Friedman*

IN AUGUST 2013, the Indian Navy celebrated two major milestones. It launched (in August) the first Indian-built carrier, the 37,500 ton Vikrant, and the reactor of its first native-built nuclear submarine Arihant went critical. Continue reading