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The Guardian’s Lenore Taylor explains what is going on with the submarine project

Christopher Skinner comments: The insight from Lenore Taylor in The Guardian that the customary two-pass cabinet-decision-making process will be followed is a huge step forward that clarifies the acquisition process, and at the same time foreshadows progress to be made with David Gould, DMO submarine supremo, travelling to Europe in March to brief the proponents on the process to be followed.Continue reading

LCDR David Barnes RAN

THE following has been passed to members of the submarine community by Captain Matt Buckley RAN, Commander Australian Submarine Force.

It is with great sadness that I report the sad news that LCDR Dave Barnes passed away last night (Sat 14 Feb) at his home in WA following a battle with cancer.Continue reading

Fit to be a frigate?

By Steven Wills

ONE of the most persistent complaints about the USA’s Littoral Combatant Ship (LCS) is that it is not fit to replace the retiring Perry class frigates. LCS has been characterized as under-armed in comparison with the Perry class, and not capable of assuming the roles and missions of a frigate. Continue reading