In defence of nuclear deterrence

By Rod Lyon*
My former colleague Andrew Davies has converted to the anti-nuclear cause. His views are always worth listening to, but on this occasion I’ll beg to differ with his conclusions. Andrew, having read Daniel Ellsberg’s recent book on nuclear command and control, worries that we’re running an unacceptable risk of a nuclear war that occurs by accident. Continue reading

Getting realistic about the South Pacific

By James Batley*

Advocates of stronger and more effective Australian engagement in the South Pacific face a couple of entrenched structural challenges. First, the region is hardly critical to Australia’s economic future — the South Pacific accounts for a mere 1.3% of Australia’s total trade in goods and services. And Papua New Guinea represents well over half of that, meaning that all the rest of the Pacific islands add up to just over half of 1% of our total trade.

Continue reading

Should US arm Ukraine with anti-ship missiles?

By Mykola Bielieskov *

When it comes to U.S. military-technical assistance for Ukraine in the context of Russian aggression, sharing the Javelin anti-tank guided missile with the Ukrainian Ground Forces is what is typically mentioned. And at the beginning of March 2018 the U.S. State Department gave its approval for the provision of this kind of weaponry to Kyiv. There is nothing surprising in this, since the land forces of Ukraine bear the main burden of confronting and deterring further Russian aggression. However, today it is necessary to start talking about the needs of the other branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine given the challenges facing them.Continue reading

Navy continues training contract with ASC

The Department of Defence has re-engaged ASC Pty Ltd to continue to deliver Royal Australian Navy’s training services for the Collins class submarine program. The Minister for Defence, Senator Marise Payne, said the contract ensures all submarine crews will have the skills and knowledge to operate the Collins Class submarines safely and effectively.Continue reading